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Blue's Garden

Ah, the joys of remodeling!


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If we've bought an older home that needs a little fixing up, this is where we'll describe the work we're doing or have done already. Even if it's not an older home, there are probably some home projects we're working on.

A house under construction; Actual size=240 pixels wide

If our house is a new construction, or if we're in the middle of major renovation, we might put in a progress report describing what's happening week to week. If possible, we'll scan the floor plans and include them on this page.

Week 1

Work starts on the foundation.

A house under construction; Actual size=240

Planned Renovations

Here we'll put some of the things we'd like to do to the house when time and money permit, such as renovate the kitchen or add a new bathroom.

Our Contractors

Here we'll include a list of contractors who worked on the house. If a contractor has their own web sites, we'll link to it.

Here we might include a Mind-It Web Gem so that friends receive an e-mail notification whenever we update this page.