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Peter Oxley Photography (Portfolio 2)

Click on the photo below to see Portfolio 1, some of my pictures from around Asia.


All of the photographs shown in this portfolio with the exception of the Corregidor shot were taken on the beautiful tropical island of Boracay. Boracay is located in the Philippines, in the province of Aklan, about midway between Manila and Cebu City. Rated by travel writers as being among the three most beautiful islands in the world, Boracay is indeed a magical place. With its five kilometer stretch of beach offering pristine white sands, its rolling hills of coconut groves, its rocky coves and headlands, Boracay's escape to paradise also provides a full range of accommodations, sporting activities, international cusine, and a vibrant nightlife.

Portfolio 3:
Sports, fashion & lifestyle

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Portfolio 4:
Black & white night photography
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Portfolio 5:
Corporate & commercial
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